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Letter: Red Deer hospital staff go above and beyond

This is a note of thanks to all the staff who are employed on the second floor of the cardio wing (aka Unit 22) of the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre.

Their care for the patients who are in this ward for cardio ailments over-exceeds their job description. I was a patient in this ward and witnessed a caring, patience and concern for others that I have never witnessed before. Never before when I was hospitalized did I feel cared for like I did the last eight days.

The nursing staff seemed to me to be on the run, attending to the needs of their patients and keeping them comfortable, displaying a Florence Nightingale quality that supersedes anything I’ve ever witnessed. They do this daily throughout troubled times such as during this passing pandemic. They truly earn the compensation they receive for such a strenuous schedule.

May we continue to be grateful for their contribution to society.

Howard G. McAuley, Red Deer County