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Letter: Red Deer Public and Catholic should move forward with vaccine mandates for staff

I am aghast at the Red Deer Public and Catholic school boards’ decisions to delay mandating vaccination mandates for staff and visitors. One cannot enter any restaurant or recreation centre in Red Deer without proof of vaccination, but it is quite OK for unvaccinated people to expose children packed like sardines in classrooms for hours every day?

COVID-19 is contagious, deadly and a huge costly burden on our hospitals. Children may not suffer as much from COVID infections, but they can surely spread it to their families and through their community contacts. Can you imagine the lawsuits if (or when) it is shown that unvaccinated staff infected children at school, who then passed this contagion to family members, with very serious results?

Beyond that, just what part of the word “education” has escaped our school boards’ attention?

Greg Neiman, Red Deer