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Letter: Restrictions are a crime against humanity

I was distressed to note the seemingly superficial understanding of the holocaust by a social studies teacher in a letter to the editor published in the Advocate on April 27.

Hitler began his nastiness with a flu epidemic in 1933 ensuring broad health measures including the thorough cleansing of work spaces. He began the Hitler youth where youngsters were taught the benefits of fascism and also military style physical activity. Anyone not following the dictates of the Fuhrer was ostracized and neighbours were pitted against neighbours.

‘Nonessential’ businesses were closed leading to corporatism. Then ‘nonessential’ people began to disappear. Among the nonessential people were those who had disabilities or health conditions like those with Down Syndrome. They were picked up to be ‘retrained’ but simply disappeared.

Hitler went on to consider certain races and peoples subhuman culminating in the death camps where Jews, Gypsies and others were exterminated. Free speech or dissenting views were punished. Does any of this sound familiar? A so-called health crisis, those not going along with the narrative are labelled conspiracy theorists, people snitching on their neighbours and ‘nonessential’ businesses.

We are seeing a violation of human rights without due process and contravening both federal and international law. There is information out there showing shutdowns do not work.

The businesses you speak of, Mr. Bruce Madore, are indeed essential. They are hiring people and allowing the workers and owners to feed their families. You talk of compassion. You show none. A quick online search shows 135 million people in the world facing acute food shortages prior to the pandemic were to double to about 265 million by the end of 2020. Yes, this is a crime against humanity.

Karina Staudinger, Alix