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LtE bug

Letter: Safety concerns for schools in pilot

We need more clarity from the Alberta government on safety concerns for participating teachers and students – Red Deer Advocate article ‘Safety concerns’ for schools involved in pilot.

What are the exact safety concerns? And do we not have laws and hopefully enforcement of these laws and/or have significant consequences for persons breaking the laws? Or is this just a reason for not revealing the schools piloting the new curriculum?

Is the new norm now to not inform citizens of what the government is doing? The excuse to prevent citizens from making/lessening negative comments about government policies?

Is this the tip of the iceberg for weakening democracy (what is happening world-wide today)? When will the citizens of Alberta get to know what schools are or have piloted the new curriculum and their evaluation of it?

After writing the above letter to the editor I went shopping. In one store the ladies at the checkout were verbally abused – on and on the fellow swore, calling them names, loudly insulting them and me. If “safety concerns” from above relate to verbal abuse, spoken or written, then lots of money is needed to draft legislation to address this specific situation, and to hire officers to arrest and convict in a very timely manner. If not, then such disgusting behaviour will continue because there are no consequences.

Faye Hallett, Red Deer