Letter: Safety on the road

Letter: Safety on the road

In his letter expressing dismay at the City of Red Deer’s use of photo-radar enforcement, Mr. Evan Greely seems to be objecting primarily to the collection of “many millions of dollars a year” in revenue from fines levied against speeding drivers. Many people seem to object to photo radar, and I, too, have given this subject much thought.

When a person applies for and receives a driver’s license from the province, that person is entering into a compact; if the driver operates his/her motor vehicle in compliance with clearly- stated and well understood traffic laws, then the driver will be left unharmed by the enforcement authorities who are charged with ensuring our road network operates safely for all citizens. If a driver chooses to operate a motor vehicle outside of compliance with the traffic laws then the driver leaves him/herself open to any sanctions and/or fines that the laws prescribe. It’s really quite simple: if you don’t want a speeding ticket then don’t speed. If you choose to drive beyond the prescribed speed limit for the road you’re on, then you can expect to rewarded with a speeding fine.

If I look again at Mr. Greely’s claim of “millions of dollars” of speeding fines levied, this tells the reader there must be many thousands of drivers who have been observed driving their vehicles in contravention of traffic laws. If the City were to abandon speeding enforcement, what level of street safety do you think the citizens of our community (or any community for that matter) could expect to have?

Ray Yaworski,

Red Deer