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Letter: Social studies teacher knows history

There have been two letters in the Advocate on the Holocaust and pandemic restrictions recently. One published April 27 and another on May 6.

I don’t think the social studies teacher, Bruce Madore, who wrote the letter in April lacks an understanding of the Holocaust, or, the Third Reich for that matter.

It seemed the author of the May 6 letter, Karina Staudinger, did know the history of the Third Reich.

As a teacher with three decades of experience in his field, I trust that Madore was a professional, who knew what he was talking about and what he was doing in the classroom.

My understanding comes from reading books like Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer and watching documentaries on TV.

I trust that career social studies teachers do an in depth research on their subject matter.

Running a government is not an exact science, just as rocket science is not exact. It is easy to criticize leadership but it takes a lot of effort to propose realistic solutions to problems, especially in times of crisis.

Kieran Lang, Red Deer