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LtE bug

Letter: Stop drinking at work

I think that it is time that the old boys club of politicians to have their behaviours corrected by their employers: The taxpayers.

So Premier Jason Kenney thinks that it is fine for his staff to be drinking in their offices, because it is “social?” Most, if not all other workplaces do not allow employees (that is, in fact, what you are: Our employees) to be drinking at work. If you have to liquor up the people you are trying to get a deal with, then perhaps you aren’t very adept at making deals? Maybe you should find another line of work. We aren’t paying you to act like that.

Perhaps not drinking while you are at work, would keep your thinking clear enough, so that you would realize that the female employees, who are likely young enough to be your daughters or even granddaughters, aren’t interested in your attention. These employees are trying to do their job, that we are paying them to do. As a voter, I am your employer, so stop drinking on the job, and keep your attention on the job.

Barbara Heatherington, Red Deer

Editor’s note: A former senior political staffer in the Alberta government has alleged in a lawsuit that the premier’s office failed to address her complaint of sexual harassment about another employee. The allegations have not been proven in court.