Letter: Supporter of proposed curriculum

After reading the article Proposed K-6 curriculum comes under fire at virtual forum in the Advocate on Oct. 6, I’m starting feel very sorry for Alberta’s young students.

The words and actions of some of Red Deers school trustees and teachers, in being afraid to even test the new K-6 curriculum, is strong evidence that their own political agenda is more important to them than is a good education for the children. And where did this political agenda come from? Not surprisingly, it came from the public universities and colleges that taught them. Let me explain: Since the 1960s, these institutions have become hot-beds of progressivism and anti-tradition, professors trying to promote a new culture. Their graduates have taken the bait, and are eager to pass it along to young students and their parents. I call it an ideology group-think. That is why I feel sorry for young students.

But we in Alberta are very lucky. We have a government that has developed a new K-6 curriculum to prevent the present misguided group-think crowd from further corrupting young students. Thank you , Adriana LaGrange. As Minister of Education, you have called a halt to teachers’ freedom to play around with curriculum.

Teachers are trained to be teachers, not to be creators of curriculum.

Jim Swan, Red Deer