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Letter: UN should step in with conflict in Ukraine

Recently, Kenya’s ambassador to the UN had the wisdom to add his country’s position to the conflict between Western Europe and Russia. Essentially their Ambassador said that most African countries now appreciate foreign efforts to move them beyond their historical, linguistic, religious and cultural bonds in order to resolve conflicts over border boundaries.

They learned that their people, especially those on the contested borders needed the involvement of the foreign centres of London, Paris and Lisbon to determine within which country their populace should live.

In my opinion, not as humble as it should be, the true resolution is for the United Nations to determine the boundary between Russia and Ukraine. Once boundaries are determined (by UN referees) those Russians within the conflicted area and thier property may forever become part of Russia and the residents of that area who prefer Ukraine must either accept the decision or move into Ukraine proper….all, with the world’s financial and economic support to do so. This may mean that borders may move, or perhaps not.

Terry Welty, Red Deer