Letter: Voting based on council’s response to the Molly Banister

For me, and a significant number of others in Red Deer, a defining issue in this upcoming municipal election is council’s response to the Molly Banister fiasco.

As a reminder, five out of eight council members chose to ignore the recommendations from administration, that would have eliminated the road right-of -way and protect a portion of our beloved park system.

A retired city manager, who is now running for city council, also wanted to keep the road alignment. We should not be voting him on to council.

This was all during a pandemic, when the only “facility” that remained open for our physical and mental health, were our parks, natural areas, and connecting trail system, but the five opted for a road. A house cleaning is in order. Two of the five have retired from council, one is running for mayor probably on a law and order ticket and will also not be getting my vote.

Of the three responsible council members, one is running for mayor and will definitely get my vote, as will last elections most popular candidate, and our local historian/councillor with his unique and invaluable perspective of our city. For folks familiar with the Molly Banister issue and other environmental issues in this city, lets try to elect a few more council members with at least a little environmental sensibility.

Don Wales, Red Deer

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