Letter: We need to protect our children

This letter is in regards to Bill 85 – recently proposed by the Alberta government.

As I reflect on the recent decision of the Alberta Education, I feel that the proposed legislation has skipped a few steps.

Our government has needed to put better practices in schools for years. I often wonder who we are really protecting? Is it really our children or is it the teachers? We should be able to send our children to school without wondering if they are safe.

Over the years it is way too easy for teachers to stay on staff that should have never been given that privilege to begin with. There are cases that teachers have been suspected of things, but somehow still are allowed to teach. Sadly these kinds of things happen in a lot of schools but are never spoken about.

There will never be a more precious part of our world on this Earth than our children. They are not only our world but our future. It is time that we stand together to ensure that their education is not only a safe place but a time in their life they don’t fear but look back at as the time they could learn and grow.

Alicia Ojo, Lacombe