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Letter: We need to respect each other and be examples to future generation

As I sit here and reflect all that has happened in the last year, it has made me realize that we live in a society that for generations, people of all races in some shape or form have been mistreated or ignored for services or care that they need.

How many brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters friends have to lose their loved ones until the senseless shootings, abuse and disrespect stops?

As a society, have we really lost touch of how little it takes to show compassion and kindness to others? No matter what race we are, we all belong, we all have a purpose, we all have gifts to offer the world, we all are teachable and we all deserve the same level of respect.

It’s time we learn from our mistakes and be examples to future generations so they learn no matter what race a person is, they deserve the same respect as them and have just as much right to live, learn and grow in this world as them.

Only then we will be able to heal, move forward and provide a future for all generations.

Alicia Ojo, Lacombe