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Only the ignorant, or the manipulative, will ignore COVID’s threat

Lest we forget, lest we fail to comprehend.

Lest we forget, the U.S. fought the Second World War over four years, suffering about 405,000 military deaths.

It has suffered, with no effective government response or defence under Donald Trump, more than 252,000 deaths from the pandemic in just eight months.

And if excess and indirect deaths are counted, the U.S. pandemic death toll may well be approaching total U.S. military deaths in the Second World War.

And lest we forget, in Canada, it is not much better here, with 10,768 direct COVID-19 deaths in eight months, compared to about 45,000 military deaths during five years of the Second World War.

While military deaths were necessary, pandemic deaths are largely needless (needleless?), and verging on criminal negligence.

Beware those who deem the pandemic trivial or a joke, and any response excessive.

Either they are ignorant, or they have a hidden agenda.

Mike Priaro, Calgary

Letter to the Editor