Why is our beef coming from out of the country?

How many stereotypes can we smash in one moment? Elite, black female deigns to eat a slice of raw (heart) meat related to indigenous culture of Canada.

It’s the dollar, stupid

For Albertans, a strong Canadian dollar is a double-edged sword. On one hand, Albertans can vacation longer in Florida, gamble more in Las Vegas or get a steamin’ deal on a car just across the U.S. border. On the other hand, a high dollar means fewer bucks in the provincial treasury, placing pressure on an already high deficit. And, the larger the deficit, the more likely the province will implement spending cuts or tax hikes.

Would Jim Flaherty’s foes do any better?

In the middle of the worst economic storm in decades, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is flying blind. But would the Liberal-New Democrat coalition cobbled together by the opposition last fall have fared better?


Jean confuses her role

The idea of founding a university in the Canadian Arctic is worth discussion, but not under the terms issued by Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean.


Best build ever

All successful homebuilding and renovation projects ultimately come down to how clients and contractors interact. Get the people part right up front, then the fun stuff takes care of itself later on.

Koreans, Israelis and nukes

Why are Koreans so much braver than Israelis when faced with the threat of nuclear weapons?

Little drama in Sotomayor’s confirmation

This town loves nothing so much as the prospect of a good battle over a Supreme Court nominee.


Two heroes with heart

To Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean, for chowing down this week on a freshly-cut heart from a seal in the northern reaches of Nunavut, and making no bones about it. She smiled and wiped the blood from her mouth as the cameras rolled.


Lives of aboriginal women should be above politics

For a moment, enter into the life of a typical First Nation woman living on-a reserve in Canada: If statistics are accurate, you are part of one of the poorest segments in society; also, you are unlikely to wield any authority within the power structure of the band; and you are probably not a chief or a councillor – you are more likely to be the victim of violence at the hands of a lover or husband.


Join the war on crime

Good news on the crime-fighting front doesn’t mean Red Deer citizens should be less vigilant.


Health superboard not necessarily so super

The study of language has revealed many interesting things – like an appreciation that connotation (the understood meaning of a word) may be more important than denotation (the dictionary definition of a word).


Sowing seeds of hate

Society must trust parents to tackle the complex job of child rearing. There is no means test to determine worthiness of potential parents, nor should there be: the goal shouldn’t be cookie-cutter children, it should be informed, equipped and open minds.


Clock is ticking on Sundre

Back in the flood of 2005, a lot of farmers whose property touches the Red Deer River lost a good chunk of their land to erosion. A lot more also gained hundreds of tonnes of new topsoil, as murky river water dropped a heavy layer of fertile silt on the flat fields and pastures that make up the river’s ancient floodplain.


Canada’s immigration system is broken

I don’t make much of a secret of the fact that the warmest feeling I’ll likely ever have towards the federal government is one of clenched-teeth disdain.


Ignatieff taking high road

The federal Conservatives are running negative advertisements about Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.


Taxpayers have a right to be totally outraged

Social philosophers call it a contract, not a deal, but here it is: Millions of ordinary people agree not to holler too loudly as long as the powerful few don’t abuse public trust too obviously.

I hate to say it, but I told you so

It is not nice to say “I told you so,” but this time has to be an exception.


Good for council chairman

To Sam Denhaan, president of the Central Alberta Council on Aging, for holding the provincial government’s feet to the fire concerning health care in Alberta.


Refusal to intercede wise

The defeat of the terrorist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the weekend has left many Canadian-Tamils feeling devastated.

Culture Minister Blackett betrayed on Bill 44

Until last week, it appeared Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett would be permitted to remove an offending section from Alberta rights law. But a party in office for decades, faced with a matter of principle that can’t be resolved by spending, gave in to inertia and failed arguments and undercut the minister.