A mind-boggling tale of idiocy

Some people have the IQ of a piece of second-hand furniture

  • Sep 26, 2020

RCMP’s poor response at anti-racism rally makes city look bad

“Tough questions need to be asked and there must be consequences.”

  • Sep 25, 2020

Let’s hope this childcare plan enjoys a speedy, safe delivery

The persuading has been done. Now, the hard work begins

  • Sep 25, 2020
AUPE Protest
Peaceful anti-racism protest in Red Deer Sunday
WWII veteran celebrates 97th birthday
Anti-racism and counter protesters rally in Red Deer

Opinion: Sorry, but there’s no reason not to extend Molly Banister Drive

It has been called an environmentally sensitive area. It’s not.

  • Sep 25, 2020

PM’s sunny ways meet COVID’s darker days

‘We’re on the brink of a fall that could be much worse than the spring,’ Trudeau said

  • Sep 24, 2020

Back to school preparations put staff and students at risk

A greater percentage of parents in Alberta have chosen online education than in any other province

  • Sep 23, 2020

Michael Dawe: Battle against Typhoid fever was hard for Red Deer to win

Much of Red Deer and central Alberta’s history included outbreaks of serious contagious diseases

  • Sep 23, 2020

Pandemic means premiers are no longer in limelight

The ‘resistance’ isn’t exactly futile, but it isn’t Trudeau’s biggest problem any more

  • Sep 21, 2020

Hay’s Daze: Happy to be left out of the picture

Talk about being out of the loop. Head in the sand. Uninformed,…

  • Sep 19, 2020

Opinion: Plenty of reasons to avoid an election this fall

Pandemics, like elections, are democratic: Everyone gets a vote, and everyone can catch coronavirus

  • Sep 18, 2020

Opinion: O’Toole’s bid to win over union votes might just work

Tory leader singles out China, in particular, as a threat to Canadian jobs

  • Sep 17, 2020

Red Deerians keep saying road extension is a necessity

Fifty-seven per cent of the public said keep the Molly Banister extension

  • Sep 16, 2020

We’re witnessing the last days of the old Middle East

A huge, mostly jobless young population living close to despair is now the Arab norm

  • Sep 16, 2020

Opinion: Take tax hikes off the table

Albertans don’t need to worry about the government reaching deeper into our pockets.

  • Sep 16, 2020

Michael Dawe: Ideal conditions delivered bounty to region’s farmers

Farmers face so many challenges in making a living

  • Sep 16, 2020

Lots of rhetoric, few policies

Parties have been test-driving their competing visions as they head toward a showdown

  • Sep 15, 2020

David Marsden: Big Education gets a failing grade for its response to COVID-19

We’re told more teachers are the answer

  • Sep 14, 2020

Optimism abounds as RDC begins unusual year

Sept. 3 didn’t look like the typical first day of credit classes at the college

  • Sep 12, 2020

Hay’s Daze: How to fix a dead Monorail

I decide to finally give up when the Better Half says, “Let me see that for a second…”

  • Sep 12, 2020

Molly Banister extension is needed for future growth

Red Deer city council will vote on removing right-of-way on Monday

  • Sep 11, 2020