Public workers care about the health of the economy too

Public workers care about the health of the economy too

Re: “Public workers should remember how fortunate they are,” Letter, Jan. 31.

The attitude of Terry Welty appears to be that public servants are servants, and should remember their place.

Obviously, the idea of those who serve being treated like wage earners who contribute to our society upsets some who opted for employment in the private sector.

They believe that those who teach our children, enforce our laws, clean our streets, monitor our environment, extinguish our fires, and tend to our medical needs should show some humility when performing such tasks.

Not a new experience for those who serve. In fact, when times are good for the private sector, the attitudes they experience are often just as condescending.

It is not the fault of the public servant that our province has experienced an economic downturn. Like so many others, Terry Welty has decided to vent his comtempt on those who serve; a convenient enemy in that no real understanding of what has happened is needed.

I can assure you, the economic health of our province is as important to the public servant as it is to those in the private sector.

But this isn’t Downton Abbey and he isn’t Lord Grantham. If he finds people he deals with rather curt, I suspect we have all seen why.

Iain McLean, Sylvan Lake