Pump prices are too quick to increase

Pump prices are too quick to increase

Once again the oil companies are showing their greed with another big jump in pricing.

It is amazing how price decreases come in increments of one, two, three, or five cents a litre, but increase 10 to 15 cents a litre when they rise.

First and foremost, it seems impossible to find a justifiable reason for an increase of any amount at this time, never mind an increase of 14 or 15 cents a litre.

This is especially ridiculous when so many people are unemployed or working reduced hours and struggling financially to just survive.

Is there a secretive increase in the price of crude that we weren’t told about?

Were the oil-carrying ships able to find a place to offload?

Has some super-rich Tyrone bought all the oil in the market so that there is now a severe shortage?

Was Premier Jason Kenney misinformed, or just misleading us when he stated that oil prices were expected to remain at the lower level, or has he been played by big oil as well?

I sure haven’t seen any indication of any of this yet.

All I see is corparate greed and price gouging, and basically kicking people when they’re down.

Why are we sitting still for this?

I have no doubt some oil company exec will offer some type of ridiculous and lengthy garbled explanation that makes no sense, and they will expect us to believe it.

I think not!

Time to end these type of things.

Joe Thompson, Red Deer