Readers support bylaw requiring face masks

Action now will prevent future COVID spread

Re: “City councillor shows leadership on mask bylaw,” Letter, Nov. 10.

I am writing to support the views put forward by Phil Hyde in his letter.

As was stated, 50 cases per 100,000 puts a community on a watch list, and now Red Deer is at a total of 92 cases, as of Thursday, with a reported population of about 101,000.

For the city manager to suggest the city needs a further week to “hear from experts,” when we have known that the numbers were going up dramatically over the last couple of weeks, makes one wonder why these actions had not already been taken in preparation for a decision.

Masks are an easy step to take if they help prevent further drastic measures such as Manitoba has now had to implement.

Alberta is second only to Manitoba in the country in cases per 100,000 population. We don’t want to be first.

Michael Thain, Red Deer

Wearing a mask is a small sacrifice

November is one of the times we focus on remembering the sacrifices made by Canadian Armed Forces and all other citizens of this great country to keep our freedoms.

Military members, health care workers and other front-line workers, along with many others, risk their health and lives in these times as well.

Wearing a mask and washing your hands is not an attack on freedom or choice; it is a small sacrifice made to protect the health and freedom of you and others.

Why not shorten the COVID-19 nightmare by wearing a mask?

If you wear a mask, it protects me, and if I wear a mask, it protects you.

The virus goes away faster and we can enjoy our freedoms again, preparing us to make a sacrifice when the next one comes along.

Glen Adkins, Red Deer