Earl Dreeshen, Red Deer-Mountainview MP

Earl Dreeshen, Red Deer-Mountainview MP

Red Deer area MP: Trudeau’s environmental plan hurts Canadians

With Trudeau’s performance at COP26, Canadians witnessed firsthand his government’s attack on our oil and gas sector. This is a sector that not only has contributed billions of dollars to Canada as a whole, but also a sector leading the way

in tackling environmental concerns. It is time to start defending our energy sector’s role as an environmental steward instead of handing it a politically motivated death sentence, costing hundreds of thousands of jobs and taking Canada off the market as a global player in innovation and solutions.

The wealth earned by this amazing natural resource funds our hospitals, roads, schools, and keeps the fridges stocked and heat on for many individual families. This wealth can also ensure that our world class environmental research will not only minimize emissions here in Canada but do so globally as well, by leading the way in the creation of forward-thinking environmental infrastructure. Trudeau’s version of a net-zero nation is a false narrative where his government destroys Alberta’s energy sector to accomplish their goals. Ignoring the fact that our nation can be a major player in addressing climate change by exporting responsible and reliable Canadian energy and using our expertise in technology to reduce global greenhouse gas is bewildering. Canada’s energy sector is not an environmental problem it is the planet’s environmental solution.

Canada’s conservatives understand that emissions reduction must not come at the cost of jobs and livelihoods. Canadians are already financial struggling in the wake of Trudeau’s mishandling of the pandemic and are now losing their jobs due to his reckless vaccine mandate. Alberta oil and gas can not only help fuel economic recovery, but also lead the way in environmental innovation. To ensure the long term well being of Canada we must leverage our country’s incredible energy sources. The government needs to step up in its political leadership and work with the industry to advance our environmental goals for a better future. A future that includes jobs, economic recovery, and maximum benefits from our energy sector.

It is time to end the Liberal rhetoric that our oil and gas sector does nothing but add to the global concern over environmental issues. We are not an international embarrassment like Trudeau claims. Alberta’s energy sector has ambitious plans to do even more in conjunction with other industries like mining, forestry, farming, and manufacturing. We have some of the most environmentally sound oil and gas production in the world and must replace Trudeau’s addiction to foreign oil with our own ethically sourced Canadian fuel. With Alberta oil and gas, we are creating jobs, supporting crucial Canadian infrastructure, and leading the way on environmental initiatives. As Trudeau continues his attack on our oil and gas sector, Conservatives are focused more than ever on ensuring the continued prosperity and well being of Canadians by supporting our energy sector.

Earl Dreeshen is the Red Deer-Mountain View MP.