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Say what you want about Trump, he’s shown leadership

Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election has serious implications for Canada and the world.

There is no doubt that compared to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is disliked by most of the world.

But should a presidential election be only a popularity contest?

Should strong accomplishments be figured into a voting decision?

Let’s look at the hot spot of our modern world: the Middle East.

A stunning announcement in August told the world of a major peace success story in the Middle East. Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a working agreement to co-exist and work together on all fronts.

With 25 years of failed peace efforts, finally, a breakthrough.

Who were the main players in this astounding accomplishment? None other than President Donald Trump, along with senior adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner, and also the prime minister of Isreal, Benjamin Netanyahu.

A breath of fresh air is blowing in the Middle East.

Will the American voters decide that personal popularity and a better image in the world is more important than world leadership.

Jim Swan, Red Deer