Silly city council decisions, the beauty of Red Deer, and a plea for wearing face masks

Silly city council decisions, the beauty of Red Deer, and a plea for wearing face masks

Once again, the Red Deer Advocate has to be thanked for keeping lowly taxpayers apprised about the goings on at city hall.

The headlines on Tuesday, “Facility asks city for up to $3.5M,” and on the next page, “Councillors reconsider, approve fire hall redevelopment,” makes one wonder if the summer silly season has struck, despite the less-than-summer weather.

My first reaction after reading the article about the Westerner was, what were our council representatives on the Westerner board doing whilst this fiscal problem was developing, as I am sure it didn’t just happen overnight?

How come Red Deer taxpayers are only just finding out there is a serious problem, when as far back as “earlier this year,” council secretly gave out taxpayers’ dollars, “behind closed doors,” because of legal considerations.

To all council members, I believe it is your responsibility to inform us when and how our money is spent. Remember, it is not your money.

Now, we have a huge problem at a time when the city is having to borrow extra operating funds just to keep up with city services.

As citizens and taxpayers of Red Deer, it is incumbent on us to hold this council responsible for allowing the Westerner board to get into this deficit position.

Let’s face it, COVID-19 and loss of revenue are not to blame for this mess.

Now to the second headline regarding the Deer Park redevelopment permit. Whilst I fully agree that council has done the right thing by reversing their initial decision, it’s kind of scary to read that Coun. Lawrence Lee wasn’t aware of the plan for the area when he voted to turn down John Pontos’ request for rezoning.

It begs the question: how often does Lee vote on issues without being fully informed of the circumstances involved?

I realize that one person can’t know everything that is going on in the city, but isn’t that why we have a well-paid administration, to guide and advise councillors before they make their decisions, especially when that decision could have cost the city a considerable loss of business and taxes, not to mention the disruption caused to someone trying to create business in these turbulent times?

Thanks again to the Advocate for bringing these stories to our attention. It just reinforces the need to have a strong newspaper serving this community.

George Croome, Red Deer

There’s plenty to explore in Red Deer

I have just newly located to the City of Red Deer, drawn here from the Village at Pigeon Lake in order to access health services more easily.

Initially, I was attracted by the downtown apartment life due to its proximity to the Golden Circle, the museum, Recreation Centre, farmer’s market and restaurants.

I found I was just getting started; when soon, I found my pharmacy, doctor, insurance company, hair salon and many restaurants within a short walking distance.

The wonderful resources provided by the Red Deer Public Library were explained to me by a very welcoming staff.

But the icing on the cake was discovering the trails and parks of Red Deer. In case you don’t realize it, Red Deer is miles ahead of any other location I have visited.

The city planner from way back had a wonderful vision for this city. The landscape offered a palette for creativity.

I am in awe of the tree-lined streets, and the many heritage and character homes. I have walked many kilometres of well maintained pathways; along the Waskasoo Creek, Bower Ponds, Heritage Ranch, Westlake, Kerry Wood Nature Centre, City Hall Park, Coronation Park, Barrett Park and more.

Red Deer’s beauty is a well-guarded secret.

Since the COVID-19 virus has changed the activities of many of us, I just have to thank the planners of Red Deer’s cityscape for offering a young woman of almost 80 years, a vibrant landscape in which to live and explorer.

Vonda Peterson, Red Deer

No excuse for not covering your face

What do you think of this?

It should be mandatory for everyone out in public to wear a mask or nose and mouth covering.

It’s not what’s coming into you, but what’s going out from you.

People touch the virus on surfaces, then transport it to themselves through body orificies: eyes, nose, mouth, taking shoes on and off and then contaminating whatever they touch without washing their hands first.

Once the virus has been stopped by people wearing face coverings, there will be live virus on surfaces for a short period of time.

When those viruses are dead, or inactive, transporting more virus will stop as long as all the people continue to wear complete mouth and nose protection until they are individually declared recovered.

We are chasing the wind until this is implemented, by it being mandatory for everyone in public to wear a face covering.

We will prevent further destruction to ourselves. Until this is done, it will not stop.

I hope whoever has the power to implement this, will do so for the benefit of all humanity.

Wayne Berger, Red Deer

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