Trudeau leaves me feeling assaulted

Although I have conservative leanings, I do not endorse the extreme, far right views of our present conservative leaders.

And while a few liberal ideals are fair and equitable, some of the expressed views of our federal Liberal leader in his extreme, far-left policies leave me feeling totally assaulted.

To be called a conservative anachronism that needs to be gotten rid of, especially by another political party of our country, almost leads me to think that our fragile democracy, which is already under attack, is soon coming to an end.

These are statements that we expect to hear in Russia and China, not in Canada.

More and more, we are hearing vitriolic attacks on opposition leaders as they malign each other just to get votes, copying what we see in the United States.

My view, as well as the view of many people I know and speak with, is that if you want that type of slandering and accusatory politicking, then go to the U.S. and fight with them. Leave it out of Canada.

We live under a government that says it stands on the principle of law, while watching our country being ousted from economic world trade, making me ask the question, “Does this principle that you stand on, in just this one case, fill your stomach?”

This same leader has more than once expressed his dislike for Alberta, if not the entire West.

At the same time, he and his Governor General have ridiculed me for my faith and refuse to appreciate my viewpoints.

I understand that in a country such as ours, that there has to be compromise from all sides, and that a certain amount of difference has to be accommodated, but to have this group say we have to be gotten rid of smacks of verbal abuse of the most heinous kind.

I wonder if this, then, could be called a form of political genocide?

Add to this the redefining of the English language for political gain, while excusing himself, only shows that he hates not only the West, but all Canadians.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just doesn’t like who we are as a country. Then why does he act as our leader? This is no longer his drama class; this is real life in Canada.

A car in front of me had a bumper sticker that read, we should pray for our leader; in particular, Psalm 109, Verse 8. Check it out and read what it says. You might get a chuckle.

It almost pains me to criticize the leader of my country in this way. But it pains me even more to hear that same leader malign at least 25 per cent of his people the way that he does, just for their ideological stand on life.

Would this happen to be his version of diversity? Should we not instead, be striving for greater unity, so that we can proceed as one people?

One of the great freedoms we have in Canada is the freedom to travel wherever we want, without persecution, especially within our own country.

So, when we do see all the different parts of this beautiful country, it is hard to imagine that there are some who persecute their own people to the point that those who feel slighted wish to become a separate entity, or even their own country.

We can all be thankful also for the freedom to vote, because that is the only way to remedy what we see as a cancer in our country. I just wish that we didn’t have to choose between three extremist parties, because none of them really serve this country to its best potential.

We need someone who does not leave us feeling so assaulted.

Chris Salomons is a retired Red Deer resident with a concern for the downtrodden.

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