Whose eco-side are you on?

This month, you will witness global mock opera and street theatre courtesy of your local eco-group.

This month, you will witness global mock opera and street theatre courtesy of your local eco-group.

Al Gore himself, the rich man that he is, like a prostitute living off the avails of the poor who think their world will collapse if they don’t pay alms to Lord Gore, is doing yet another fundraiser in early September, timed to coincide with the apocalyptic memories of 9/11.

Talk about brazen exploitation. Like iMatter in the U.S., which manipulates youth activists.

Well, iMatter2!

In Canada, Greenpeace and friends are calling all Canucks to Ottawa for protests over Keystone XL. Better get walking if you’re thinking of going. You wouldn’t want to create any GHGs by indiscriminately flying, would you?

And it’s all timed to lead up to the mock “eco-cide” trial in London, England, on Sept. 30, where a lawyer plans to do a bit of street theatre outside the law courts there in the hopes of pushing the UN to later vote for ‘eco-cide’ as the fifth crime against humanity.

“Eco-cide” is described by Polly Higgins, the lawyer behind all this, as “the very antithesis of life,” which leads to “resource depletion,” after which she claims war follows. And therefore “eco-cide can be seen as a crime against peace.”

I wonder if Polly uses toilet paper at home. That’s a form of resource depletion. Of course, you can grow trees again but think of all the fossil fuels used in the processing and transportation of toilet paper, just so that Polly Higgins in London, England, can go the bathroom.

And let’s not forget about that water flush. Even the municipal effluent treatment depletes resources and do not return 100 per cent clean water back to the system.

I’m sure Polly Higgins writes her briefs on paper. She is no doubt opposed to the Alberta oilsands. Yet is she opposed to her sheets of paper that use 10 litres of water per sheet in their creation? That’s compared to .24-4 litres of water used in producing a litre of oilsands oil.

We know how lawyers are good at filling up bins and bins of documents for trials — surely Polly should be the first one marched off to the brig under the new ‘eco-cide’ law, if passed.

Does Polly enjoy a coffee? How does the 140 litres of water used in her morning cuppa measure up, or the 10,655 litres of water used in making her blue jeans, or the 13,000 litres used per bushel to grow the wheat for Polly’s morning toast, or the 70 litres used to grow her morning apple … all of these items result in depletion of resources. Maybe Polly will just have to commit hari kari if she wins her suit?

She’s clearly guilty.

Polly and her ilk are on an on about sustainability — and yet I look at the city of London — a city for two millennia, and despite being the largest urban zone in the EU, it seems to have sustained itself pretty well without Polly and her silly suit.

Yet you and I must be careful not to write off these eco-nuts. They are planning to use their hoped for success of this mock trial to force industry shut-downs, jackpot justice law suits (i.e. rather like the Syncrude/Suncor duck farce staged here recently), and to even shut up or jail people like me who emphatically deny that climate change is anything other than a scientific fact, caused by numerous forces throughout human history and before it, most likely by a combination of solar and geologic events, far beyond the control of me — or Polly Higgins.

Certainly I expect there to be environmentally responsible industrial operations — I believe we have that here today for the most part.

I also expect that Polly Higgins and everyone reading this column understand that what we are seeing from her is a march to global fascism, not environmentalism, not sustainability, but blind and wanton ‘crushability’ of all freedoms we civilized people hold dear.

These concepts sound so fantastically ridiculous to most common sense thinkers that they never take action against them until it’s too late. The eco-nuts have all the time and money in the world to activate.

Speak out. If you want your job, your freedoms, your lifestyle and the small comforts of toilet tissue, morning coffee, a home and a warm house with electric lights — speak out now.

Whose eco-side are you on?

Michelle Stirling-Anosh is a Ponoka freelance writer.