Badenhorst dominates tennis championships

Notre Dame athletes dominated the Central Alberta High School tennis championships, winning all five events.

Notre Dame athletes dominated the Central Alberta High School tennis championships, winning all five events.

Frans Badenhorst captured his second straight men’s singles title, beating Toufik Murra of Lindsay Thurber 8-0 in the final.

Badenhorst downed Ben McLavish of LTCHS 8-1 in the semifinals while Murra downed Braden Olson of Camrose 8-3.

McLavish downed Olson 8-2 in the third-place match.

Quarter-final action saw Badenhorst down Ryan Sandbert of Our Lady of Mt. Pleasant of Camrose, Murra beat Tyler Cassidy of Notre Dame 8-1, McLavish stop Cody Hoskins of Stettler 8-6 and Olson down Will Laranang of Notre Dame 8-4.

Jose Sifuentes of LTCHS beat Hoskins 6-4 in the consolation final.

Cecile Badenhorst defeated Linda Varavong of Camrose 8-4 in the women’s singles final.

Badenhorst stopped Lexi Kambeitz of Hunting Hills 8-0 and Varavong defeated Heidi Northcott of West Central of Rocky Mountain House 8-2 in the semifinals.

Northcott beat Kambeitz 8-3 in the bronze medal match.

In the quarter-finals Badenhorst defeated Tiffany Wiedrick of Camrose 8-2, Kambeitz beat Natalie Hernandez of Stettler 8-2, Northcott downed Aleah Ross of Hunting Hills 8-1 and Varavong got past Blyss Gellert of LTCHS 8-1.

Stephanie Lee of Hunting Hills downed Hernandez 8-2 in the consolation final.

The men’s doubles title went to Morgan See and Kurt Ruether, who downed Geoff Trentham and John Sinclair of Notre Dame 8-3.

See and Ruether reached the final with an 8-0 win over Dan Grab and Erik Steenwyk of LTCHS after beating Taylor Starling and Dylan McKay of Stettler 8-0 in the quarter-finals.

Trentham and Sinclair downed Trent and Kendal Schmidt of Notre Dame 8-2 in the semifinals and Nathan Goode and Kurtis Lowe of Lacombe 8-2 in the quarter-finals.

The Schmidt twosome stopped Grab and Steenwyk 8-3 to take third place.

Other quarter-final action saw the Schmidts beat Hayden Erickson and Landon Loube of Viking 8-4 and Trentham and Sinclair down Nathan Zilinski and Kyle Hamman of LTCHS 8-7 (7-4).

Zilinski and Hamman beat Erickson and Loube 8-3 in the consolation final.

Natalie Hamill and MacKenzie Jones captured the women’s doubles title with an 8-0 win over Sam Clutton and Sidney Ponto of LTCHS.

They downed Jill Thomas and Sierra Bonham of LTCHS 8-0 in the semifinals and Haley Irwin and Breanne Windle of Hunting Hills 8-1 in the quarter-finals.

Clutton and Ponto beat Julie Cote and Taylor Penner of Notre Dame 8-1 in the semifinals and Patty Beatson and Michaela Sandau of Hunting Hills 8-5 in the quarter-finals.

The bronze medal went to Cote and Penner with an 8-5 win over Thomas and Bonham.

In the other quarter-finals Thomas and Bonham downed Kayla Blacquiere and Kathleen Murphy of Lacombe 8-2 and Cote and Penner stopped Nikita Singh and Amy Zimmerman of Hunting Hills 8-2.

Beatson and Sandau took the consolation title with an 8-1 win over Irwin and Windle.

Mark Hamill and Katherine-Ann Piedalue took top spot in the mixed doubles with an 8-1 win over Robyn Froese and Grady Bowd of LTCHS.

They downed Kelly-Ann Roberts and Adam Kuntz of Camrose 8-1 in the semifinals and Brenton Chung and Hanna Wunsch of Hunting Hills 8-0 in the quarter-finals.

Bowd and Froese defeated Amanda Stonehouse and Dallin Hall of Hunting Hills 8-3 in the semifinals after beating Dylan Goranson and Chelsea Fraser of Notre Dame 8-5 in the quarter-finals.

Stonehouse and Hall downed Roberts and Kuntz 8-4 in the third-place match.

Stonehouse and Hall beat Candice Duckett and Hayden Engert of Lacombe 8-5 in the quarter-finals while Roberts and Kuntz downed Braden Krips and Hayley Anderson of Notre Dame 8-2.

Duckett and Engert beat Jill Corpateaux and Gerry McKay of Stettler 8-2 in the consolation final.

Omar Ahmad of Hunting Hills beat Cole Visser of LTCHS 6-5, 0-6, 7-5 in the Grade 9 boys’ singles final.