Football briefs – July 22

Some over-exuberant touchdown celebrations cost a pair of CFL players Tuesday.

CFL fines two players

TORONTO — Some over-exuberant touchdown celebrations cost a pair of CFL players Tuesday.

Slotback Paris Jackson of the B.C. Lions and defensive back Brandon Browner of the Calgary Stampeders were both fined undisclosed amounts by the CFL for excessive celebrations in games last week.

Jackson removed his shoes and danced as if his feet were on fire after hauling in a 15-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Jarious Jackson in the Lions’ 40-22 win over the Edmonton Eskimos on Thursday.

He earned the CFL’s top Canadian player of the week honours.

Calgary’s Browner perched on the edge of McMahon Stadium seats, took a woman’s beer and splashed it on himself Friday after teammate Dwight Anderson ran an interception in for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter of a 44-9 win over Toronto.

Toronto receiver Arland Bruce III was fined earlier this year over his celebration of a touchdown he scored against Hamilton.

Bruce stripped off his helmet and pads and stretched out on the field as if in a coffin as part of a mock burial to honour the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

Edmonton Eskimo player catches mugger

EDMONTON — An Edmonton Eskimo made the catch of the season Tuesday after chasing down the suspected mugger of a woman.

“I’d put myself at risk for anybody, any day,” said Kitwana Jones, a defensive player with the Canadian Football League team.

“I don’t have much fear for anything except God.”

Jones, 28, said he was driving to a pancake breakfast in downtown Edmonton about 6:45 a.m. when he heard a woman screaming for help.

That prompted him to slow his car down to investigate the commotion.

“I saw this little old lady running up behind (the robber), screaming, ‘Help, help, help,”’ Jones said.

Police said a man snatched a purse and laptop from the woman, who is in her 50s. When the woman cried out, a bystander began chasing after the suspected bad guy.

Jones pulled over his car and joined in the chase, and said he caught the suspected mugger in an alley in just a few seconds.

“I just jumped out of my car, tackled the guy and held him until police came.”

Having grown up in a rough neighbourhood in Wilmington, N.C., the Eskimo said he was used to dealing with seedy characters.

Jones said he gave the suspected robber “a little kick” and lesson on respecting his elders.

“I’m mad. I’m saying, ‘why are you out here trying to beat up old women?” Jones told reporters.

“I know he was wondering where the hell I came from.”

Terrance Allan Walcott, 29, is charged with robbery.

Goodell remains mum on when he’ll decide on Vick

NEW YORK — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t saying when he’ll decide whether to reinstate Michael Vick now that the former Atlanta Falcons star quarterback has been released from federal custody.

“The process is ongoing, and I hope to make a decision sometime in the near future,” Goodell said Tuesday, a day after Vick’s home confinement ended.

Vick served 23 months on a dogfighting conviction.

Even if Goodell reinstates Vick, the 29-year-old quarterback would still have to find a team willing to sign him.