Karate club members take titles at championships

Red Deer Cheney Karate Studio members snared 11 event titles in the adult division of the Western Canada karate championships Saturday at Hunting Hills High School.

Red Deer Cheney Karate Studio members snared 11 event titles in the adult division of the Western Canada karate championships Saturday at Hunting Hills High School.

Leading the way was Tracey Grant, who took top honours in the ladies blue-brown belt forms and sparring events, as well as executive middleweight yellow-blue sparring.

Rick Van Wyk was victorious in two events — the men’s blue-brown forms and heavyweight blue-brown sparring. Other winners included Alex Capicio in men’s black belt hard style forms, Shawn Moffitt (men’s lightweight orange-green sparring), Janna Hughes (ladies white-yellow sparring), Chris Holden (men’s heavyweight white-yellow sparring), David Fabretti (men’s executive coloured belt forms) and Brandon Pike (men’s intermediate lightweight kick boxing).

Capicio also placed second in black belt sparring and was honoured as the black belt forms grand champion.

Other Cheney adult top-three placings:

Second — Fabretti (executive coloured belt sparring); Hughes (executive middleweight yellow-blue sparring); Gabrielle Post (ladies white-yellow sparring); Holden (white-yellow forms); Nick Wyntjes (men’s heavyweight white-yellow sparring); Sawyer Klist (men’s blue-brown forms and lightweight blue-brown sparring); Joseph Vanden Bosch (men’s heavyweight blue-brown sparring); Celia Le Maistre-Mathys (ladies blue-brown forms and sparring); Charles Mowat (men’s executive coloured belt forms); Christy Cormack (ladies beginner kick boxing); Brian Jewett (executive black belt sparring and forms); Clint Robison (men’s black belt hard style forms);

Third — Fabretti (heavyweight blue-brown sparring); Trish Proteau (ladies white-yellow forms and executive yellow-blue forms); April Van Wyk (ladies white-yellow sparring); Holden (executive coloured belt sparring and forms); Danny Moca (men’s blue-brown forms and lightweight blue-brown forms); April Lamarche (ladies executive lightweight yellow-blue sparring); Ryan Morasse (men’s advanced heavyweight modified Muay Thai); Derek Clermont (men’s advanced lightweight modified Muay Thai); Patrick Vallida (men’s intermediate heavyweight kick boxing); Robison (men’s black belt sparring); Travis Potter (men’s black belt hard style forms).

l Cheney Studio members garnered 28 event titles in the children’s division, with Madison Von Hollen, Jeremy Pratt, Lucas Proteau, Jason Ramos, Josh Guiterrez and Logan Shave leading the way with two apiece.

Von Hollen was victorious in the 8-9 lightweight orange-green forms and sparring and Pratt was the top competitor in the 8-9 middleweight white-yellow forms and sparring events.

Proteau was first in the 8-9 heavyweight white-yellow forms and sparring, Ramos topped the field in the 12-13 lightweight blue-brown forms and sparring events, Guiterrez was the winner in each of the 14-16 white-yellow forms and sparring competitions, and Shave took top honours in the 14-16 lightweight blue-brown forms and sparring.

Other winners included Jacob Chiles (6-7 heavyweight white-yellow forms); Grace Lemus (6-7 heavyweight white-yellow sparring); Max Proteau (6-7 middleweight white-yellow forms); Gordon Mowat (6-7 middlweight white-yellow sparring); Lexi Bao (8-9 lightweight white-yellow sparring); Chase MacAulay (8-9 lightweight orange-green sparring); Trinity Wilson-Miller (10-11 lightweight white-yellow forms); Ethan Palamarek (10-11 heavyweight white-yellow sparring); Samuel Abijero (10-11 heavyweight orange-blue sparring); Aimee Nossack (10-11 heavyweight orange-green sparring); Peter Naraprakone (12-13 heavyweight white-yellow forms); Darian Ames (12-13 heavyweight white-yellow sparring); Keaton Erickson (12-13 heavyweight orange-green forms); Aiden McRobbie-Johnson (12-13 heavyweight blue-brown sparring); Jhoanna Capicio (junior coloured belt weapons forms); and Chris Oberg (14-16 heavyweight blue-brown forms).

Other top-three results:

Second — Oberg (blue-brown sparring); Capicio (blue-brown sparring); Naraprakone (white-yellow sparring); Ames (white-yellow forms); Abijero (orange-blue form); Wilson-Miller (white-yellow sparring); Jade Cheney (8-9 lightweight orange-green forms and sparring); Nicolas Hammer (8-9 lightweight white-yellow forms); Paige Sharyk (8-9 middleweight white-yellow sparring); Asher Jordens (8-9 middleweight white-yellow forms); Soleena Vasquez (8-9 heavyweight white-yellow forms and sparring); Erik Sveinson (8-9 lightweight orange-green sparring); Sam Guiterrez (10-11 lightweight white-yellow forms); Karissa Langill (10-11 white-yellow forms); Melanie Moca (12-13 lightweight white-yellow forms); Nicholas Piatt (10-11 heavyweight orange-blue sparring); Ethan Rose (10-11 lightweight blue-black forms and sparring); Tyrell Castro (10-11 heavyweight orange-green forms); Trevor Scharf (10-11 heavyweight orange-green sparring); Janson Pratt (12-13 lightweight orange-green sparring); Raven Cheney (12-13 lightweight blue-brown forms and sparring); Tanille Shandro (12-13 heavyweight orange-green forms); Tanis Moffitt (14-16 lightweight orange-green sparring); Devin Clausen (12-13 heavyweight blue-brown forms and sparring); Sean Tokariuk (14-16 white-yellow forms and sparring);

Teagan Shandro (14-16 heavyweight orange-green forms); Jessmervin Ramos (14-16 lightweight blue-brown forms).

Third — Capicio (blue-brown forms); McRobbie-Johnson (blue-brown forms); Bao (white-yellow forms); Tory Marchuk (6-7 lightweight white-yellow forms); Mowat (white-yellow forms); Brody Hornett (6-7 heavyweight white-yellow forms); Andrew Glanville (6-7 middleweight white-yellow sparring);

Ian Pollock (8-9 lightweight orange-green forms); Logan Palamarek (8-9 middleweight white-yellow sparring); Elayna Kapitniuk (8-9 middleweight white-yellow forms); John Glanville (8-9 heavyweight white-yellow sparring); Sveinson (orange-green forms); Sam Guiterrez (white-yellow sparring); Langill (white-yellow sparring); Piatt (orange-blue forms); Landon Meyer (10-11 heavyweight orange-blue sparring); Julian King (10-11 heavyweight orange-green forms and sparring); Zack Waddy (12-13 lightweight orange-green forms); Shandro (orange-green sparring); Moffitt (orange-green forms); Josh Bacon (12-13 heavyweight orange-green forms); Jessmervin Ramos (blue-brown sparring).