Alberta briefs – July 14

Animal scraps from slaughterhouses could soon be turned into firefighting foam.

Bio-research network set up

EDMONTON ­— Animal scraps from slaughterhouses could soon be turned into firefighting foam.

Feathers from the poultry industry might be used to make glue.

Those are a handful of ideas being explored under a new bio-research partnership involving the province, private enterprise and the University of Alberta.

David Bressler of the University of Alberta is the director of the just-announced Alberta Bioconversion Network, which was created with $3 million in funding from the province and $500,000 from private enterprise.

Bressler says the aim is to connect researchers from the fields of agriculture, forestry and bio-industries to collaborate in developing new products while reducing waste.

Private funeral held for soldier

EDMONTON — Dressed in a flouncy, pink skirt and carefully placing each foot in front of the other, Cpl. Nick Bulger’s four-year-old daughter marched behind an armoured vehicle that carried her father’s flag-draped casket to a church for his private funeral Monday.

Family and friends gathered at St. Joseph’s Basilica to say their final goodbyes to Bulger, 30, who was killed July 3 in Afghanistan.

As police blocked off the busy downtown street near the church, the wail of bagpipes could be heard above the din of traffic as a pipe band led the armoured vehicle to the church.

Holding the hands of family members, Bulger’s wife, Rebeka, walked behind the military vehicle with her daughters Brooklyn and Elizabeth.

The casket, which came bearing Bulger’s beret, medals, belt, bayonet and a wreath, was shouldered by eight members of a military honour guard which carried it inside the Catholic church for the service.