Alberta local highways deteriorating, dangerous

My husband and I drive daily from Tees to Red Deer, via Blackfalds and Hwy 597.

My husband and I drive daily from Tees to Red Deer, via Blackfalds and Hwy 597.

The upkeep of these Alberta local highways and roads has disintegrated over the past five years.

We have witnessed many truckers and unsuspecting motorists “blow over” the landmark 40 feet of highway sinking a foot from grade level a few kilometres east of Blackfalds.

For the last two years, travellers are warned by a feeble bump sign and worn-out orange markers. A picture should be in our local newspapers so everyone can see this shameful mess.

Secondly, Hwy 2A south to Red Deer is disastrous with bumper-to-bumper vehicles and big trucks most of the time. The huge inflow/outflow of traffic from Blackfalds, Lacombe and the county has multiplied traffic issues and accidents.

With growing populations of city and rural residents as well as increased industrial traffic using Blindman and Blackfalds industrial parks, backlogs and frustrations mount.

The road lines on this two-way section are almost invisible now and with the advent of fall weather, it will only get worse.

I’m sure the government’s solution to this would be to decrease the speed limit rather than upgrade the local highway.

Don’t even mention the chaos when Hwy 2 is closed for an accident!

Last week, Lacombe County gravelled (using rock chips) Lakeside Sargeant Road — a previously paved secondary highway east of Blackfalds. They must have learned to do that from famous Saskatchewan pavement makers. Travel slow to save your windshield!

I’m sure many residents are not aware that Alberta highways used to be the best in North America, thanks to our petro dollars (from here clear to Mexico, pre-interstate 1970s).

Now, blacktop pavement with clear lines are definitely a thing of the past (except, of course, in New Brunswick, and other provinces with transfer payments coming from Albertans).

People can email newspapers, Premier Alison Redford, MLAs and their local papers about the poor status of our roads that we already pay for with our high taxes — includes upkeep.

Go to the top. Let government officials know how you feel.

Don’t forget to mention the insane weekend traffic on Hwy 2 between Edmonton and Calgary — it needs to be at least three lanes and has not been upgraded since the 1960s.

Lets get our roads fixed properly and our resident travel safely!

Debbie Newbery