Bikes represent a better way

As a New-Millennium-Cowboy I ride my iron horse throughout Red Deer and I see that these new bicycle roadway trails are somewhat disputed.

As a New-Millennium-Cowboy I ride my iron horse throughout Red Deer and I see that these new bicycle roadway trails are somewhat disputed.

We have bike paths, however these new bike lanes enhance the downtown trip by providing safe and legal paths for health and eco-minded citizens, perhaps on their way to work or shopping habits. The modern multi-tasking motorist, as well as the distracted driver are forced to provide greater attention to drive within a thinner lane amongst this teeming society.

My aluminum pony and I see driver conflict and distraction daily and wish drivers to be more focused on the task at hand. That is, safely and calmly driving and going on with their business instead of road-raging their egos at someone else. These new trails have attracted greenhorn beginner bikers with the confidence of a secure place to ride their steel steeds at their own personal trot or gallop. Isn’t this better than weaving in and out of sidewalk bodies or rush hour traffic?

Financially appeasing, with free exercise for the heart, lungs, legs and a maximum workout for the gluteus maximus, this is multi-tasking at its finest!

Exercising the major body components while experiencing life on a new trail can be an exhilarating thrill for the lone rider. Battling the elements can feel quite pioneering to the spirit! And great for our youthful age and health!

Change is feared. Also lack of understanding can get anyone’s hackles up, but people should recognize the exhaust-free benefits as well as a healthier lifestyle pattern and the natural ‘runner’s high’ that comes with bicycle conditioning.

I’m sure there was much caterwauling when horseless carriages came into vogue so this re-evolution of an earth-conscious society’s behaviour will ride out in much the same manner.

I agree that further traffic restricting research should have been done before this was dropped on us, however modifying and developing movements of mankind is an ongoing rodeo.

To each his own path — please! And let us support our riding wranglers, not with spite or envy, for everyone wishes to have the time and gumption for a healthier, sleeker form, but with respect and the idea of participation.

Thank-you city for providing new-century access to living a healthier, physically participating existence.

My metal mare and I enjoy the fresh prairie air and admire the parkland fauna as we gently lope by the vehicle congestion of traffic turning lights, the off-key yodeling of someone’s loud music and the hot stench of boiling traffic.

In our future, these metal horse paths will provide an opportunity for youth to develop healthier life habits, outdoor stewardship, personal confidence and non-computer adventures.

This is a greater purpose; to gently trod upon the planet that we have been booting about. I’m sure the parkland will return the respect.

David Holbrook

Red Deer