Dad hires prostitute for son


Dear Annie: We live in a large townhouse complex with people from many different backgrounds.

For some time, several of the residents have been talking about a young boy who lives here.

The mother, whose husband openly disparages her (and has little respect for women in general), told me her son is routinely exposed to pornography.

She said her husband’s father took him to a prostitute when he was 12 years old. The husband, apparently, is planning to do the same with his son next year.

This family is from a foreign country and another culture.

I suggested the mother talk to a counsellor. She told me she is too afraid of her husband finding out. I then suggested a social worker and, finally, an attorney. Instead, she wants me to talk to her husband. I told her I am not willing to get involved in a losing battle.

However, I feel increasingly concerned about the welfare of this child. Could you give me some guidance? — Unwilling To Watch the Titanic Hit an Iceberg

Dear Unwilling: Most states have laws on the books that prohibit disseminating obscene material to a child. However, since you have not actually witnessed it and the mother seems reluctant to corroborate, you are in a grey area. We suggest you report this, anonymously, to your local child welfare authorities and ask them to investigate.

Dear Annie: “Green Eyed” said her husband is tired after working as a long-distance truck driver and they haven’t had sex in two years. A few years ago, my husband informed me that he had no sex drive. I didn’t understand this because we’ve been married 30 years and are very close. There was no question of an affair.

About six months ago, I read that sleep apnea could cause a loss of sexual desire in men. I urged him to get tested. It turned out he does have sleep apnea and now uses a CPAP. His sleep has improved, and he has his sex drive back. — Happy Wife