Don’t drink the Obama Kool-Aid

I read Joe McLaughlin’s fawning praise of that modern-day saviour Barack ‘Hussein’ — call me Barry — Obama (A triumph over pandering, Red Deer Advocate, Nov. 10, 2012) with the interest of a bystander watching a snake oil salesman at work.

I read Joe McLaughlin’s fawning praise of that modern-day saviour Barack ‘Hussein’ — call me Barry — Obama (A triumph over pandering, Red Deer Advocate, Nov. 10, 2012) with the interest of a bystander watching a snake oil salesman at work.

Barack Obama is a product of the most corrupt political environment in the United States — Chicago and Illinois Democratic Party politics. He has, in four short years, expanded government on an unprecedented scale, saddled the country with a multitrillion-dollar deficit, systematically reduced personal freedoms and replaced personal responsibility with entitlements and government handouts. He has been at least knowledgeable in a number of cover ups, including the Fast and Furious scandal and the Benghazi debacle that cost the lives of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three others.

In his comments, McLaughlin also accuses Mitt Romney and the Republican party of pandering to special interests.

Obama is also a willing participant and is at least as involved in the politics of pandering and negative political attacks as any of the Republicans. He is also a president who has gone on record castigating small business owners for taking credit for their own business success, attributing it instead to government actions and spends time on Letterman and Leno promoting his political agenda.

His pre-election comment about voting being the best revenge was also quite pathetic — revenge against what? Mitt Romney said it best in his reaction to the comment: “Don’t vote for revenge, vote for love of country.”

The sad fact is that they are all politicians looking out for themselves and their cronies and there will be no solutions until people realize that big government is a fool’s paradise. Government does not take the place of individual responsibility and initiative. Big government is only good at overburdening people with regulation and taxing those who produce income to distribute it to those who don’t. To expect the government to be responsible for our lives is a mistake and the term ‘government expert’ is an oxymoron.

While McLaughlin has certainly imbibed in the Obama Kool-Aid, he should also recognize that when he speaks disparagingly of aging white men he could quite easily be included in that demographic himself.

Brian McLoughlin

Red Deer

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