Drug trafficker’s attention to detail ‘might make him good accountant’

A drug trafficker who kept unusually meticulous records was sentenced to five months of house arrest on Wednesday.

A drug trafficker who kept unusually meticulous records was sentenced to five months of house arrest on Wednesday.

Deren Wade Nickerson pleaded guilty to one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking in Red Deer provincial court.

Federal Crown prosecutor Dave Inglis said Nickerson was a passenger in a vehicle stopped during a police checkstop on Dec. 11, 2010. A provincial sheriff noticed the smell of marijuana and a police officer was called.

A search of Nickerson’s backpack turned up 360 grams of marijuana, weighing scales, $405 in cash and score sheets used to record drug transactions.

Inglis said Nickerson’s score sheets were much more detailed than the typically cryptic score sheets found on drug dealers. The records listed buyers, exact time of purchase, the amount bought, how much was paid, and estimated profit down to the penny.

“There is really nothing left to the imagination,” said Inglis, who mused that Nickerson’s attention to detail might make him a “worthwhile accountant.”

Inglis said the amount of drugs involved showed that “this fellow is not an insignificant trafficker.” He suggested a conditional sentence of six to nine months.

Defence lawyer John MacNaughton said his client, who was raised in the Spruce View area and was 22 at the time of his arrest, has no prior criminal record. The openness of his score sheets suggests he was a “neophyte” to the drug business, said MacNaughton.

Nickerson has also regularly worked and recently completed a two-year business diploma at Red Deer College and hopes to pursue a commerce degree. MacNaughton suggested a three- to six-month conditional sentence.

“I admit I made a stupid mistake,” Nickerson told Judge William Andreassen. The judge said it’s clear Nickerson went into drug dealing with his eyes open and treated it like a business.

He sentenced Nickerson to five months of house arrest. He can only leave home under certain conditions, such as work or medical appointments, with the permission of a probation officer and is banned from drinking during that period.

He is also prohibited from owning weapons for 10 years and must pay a $100 fine. The drugs and cash were forfeited.

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