Employment practice is unfair

Job applicants, be warned.

Job applicants, be warned.

If you apply for a job and they tell you that there is a “training period,” be advised that the company can terminate you at any time with no reason, and do not have to pay you any wages. This period could be as long as 90 days.

An example we know of is where a teenager applied for a sales job at a local store and was told there would be some training involved. After cleaning up the parking lot, and the store for three and a half days, he realized that this was not his idea of a sales job, and told his boss that he would finish out the day, but he could tell that this was not for him. He was told to “Get the —- out of the store.” He was not paid even one cent for the work be had done, and upon checking with the government, he found out that the manager was within his legal rights to not pay him anything.

This makes me wonder, if the boy had worked for a week before a payday, what would have been the result, or worse yet, what if it was a monthly payday? According to the government, the manager would not have to pay him anything.

I have run a business where for over 40 years we have hired young people, for part-time work, and I am proud to say that some of those former kids are now parents and some of their kids come and work for us.

I cannot change the government regulations, but I think this is disgraceful, and also the practice of calling young employees “management trainees” means they can be worked with no overtime.

So be warned, young people: When you sign the application for that “dream job,” make sure you check the fine print and know all the rules.

I know that it is hard for young people with no experience to find lobs, but I like to see places that give them an honest chance.

Good luck kids, and you employers, give them a chance. The rewards are great.

Bud Haynes

Red Deer