Firewalker to show how to heat up heels

Talk about a hot walk for charity, literally.

Talk about a hot walk for charity, literally.

Airdrie native Thomas Chadwick, a firewalk instructor, will be hosting a firewalk east of Red Deer on Thursday.

The act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers is part of a fundraising initiative for Room to Read, a charity that builds libraries for children in developing countries.

Chadwick took a training course nine years ago in Florida and learned how to teach people to walk across hot embers and other nerve-racking, potentially dangerous items, such as broken glass and nails.

Since then, he has guided about 800 people across the coals. His hope is that many people come out to the event at the Valley Community Centre, east of Red Deer on Hwy 595, even as spectators.

“Just being a part of a group where someone walks across hot coals with their bare feet is exciting and empowering,” he said on Monday.

There will be about 10 feet of coals placed on the ground, which makes for about three or four steps across the coals, Chadwick said.

“The primary step you make is the very first one.

“Before that you’re standing there and your conscious mind knows that this is dangerous but once you break through that barrier of fear, those other steps are less intense,” he said.

The firewalking guru said that people need to be in a state of peace and concentration to properly make the walk.

“And while you are doing it, the requirement is to pay 100 per cent attention to what you are doing,” he said.

The event kicks off at 7 p.m. with a seminar that includes an introduction to firewalks from previous firewalkers. Chadwick will then provide information and education about how to firewalk safely.

The event costs $50 for people to attend or walk across the coals, which will be donated to Room to Read. For more information, visit