Get involved in fluoride discussion, let council know how you feel

With the debate for the removal of hydrofluorsilicic acid (fluoride!) from Red Deer’s water supply heating up, there is now a Facebook resource and a petition that the citizens of our city can access for information and active signing.

With the debate for the removal of hydrofluorsilicic acid (fluoride!) from Red Deer’s water supply heating up, there is now a Facebook resource and a petition that the citizens of our city can access for information and active signing.

Fluoridation Free Red Deer is an information only group that you can choose to join or not. This page will provide up-to-date information for people wishing to learn more about the actual chemical that is added to the water and other scientific information relating to it.

That additive is just not any “fluoride” but hydroflurosilicic acid.

When you join: all Facebook group pages send automatic emails to your inbox.

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The page’s intention is not to fill up your inbox with unwanted emails.

This page is also closely monitored for abusive posts and is meant for education on ending fluoridation.

There is also a petition you may sign from this link or go onto Fluoridation Free Red Deer on Facebook and access it there (

This is your health. After reading some of the literature and viewing some of the postings, we hope you will have your eyes opened and your interest piqued on the ethics, morality and fiscal responsibility of the City of Red Deer concerning this issue. I now know I am not just a sheep who blindly follows just because I am told something is good for me. I am deeply shocked and concerned at what I have learned about fluoridation.

The city spends $75,000 per year to fluoridate all of its water, not just what you drink, and less than one per cent is actually used for drinking. Thirty per cent alone ($22,500) goes down the toilet! So with less than $7,500 being all that is used for drinking, the rest of that total is $67,500. What a waste, down that same drain.

The hydrofluorosilicic acid is not removed from the water at the wastewater treatment plant before it is released back into the Red Deer River.

Studies show that systemic (ingested) use of any fluoride chemical is an inadequate form of delivery for medication because it can cause too many adverse health effects. Topical use may be the only beneficial form of use. How do we even know the water we drink is being ingested by the “correct” demographic?

Yes, you will be told this new information is wrong but remember you are smart, do some of your own research. This is how “they” manage the perception that fluoridating water is a cure all for the masses in preventing tooth decay. The demographic that they say that they are trying to reach has access to tooth brushes and tooth paste like all of us: they just have to use it.

Many non-profit organizations have these supplies to give out for free to those in need.

I have personally seen this and on the city’s fluoride online chat, a social worker stated that in fact, all people had to do was ask, these supplies are in abundance at many agencies.

I’d gladly donate a couple of cups worth of Tim’s to an inner city school in tooth brushes, tooth paste and floss every month to ensure the kids who presumably “need” fluoride and dental supplies get them if I can have fluoride out of my water. It would be healthier for them, too.

Science has changed, health and lifestyles have changed. Isn’t it time we changed this antiquated practice, too?

Has there been research by our city’s heath officials since fluoridation began in 1958?

Is it not the city’s moral responsibility to have conducted some sort of research for ongoing safety on the addition of fluoride during the 54 years since they added it to our water supply?

Has that happened?

People around the world are rocking the boat.

The fluoride in your glass is diluted toxic waste that should not be in put into your body.

At the last meeting, Red Deer city council voted to drop the amount of fluoride from 0.8 ppm to 0.7 ppm and have made an application for change to provincial authorities.

By August, that should happen, but the sad fact is that this will make little difference, but thank you, Red Deer council, for making that change.

I believe that council has started the process for a reason. The masses no longer want to be medicated without their consent and that is what water fluoridation is.

People worldwide, countrywide, provincewide and citywide want fluoridation dropped because science is catching up and proving that fluoride belongs in the dental/medical consultation room, not in the hands of council chambers or in their drinking water.

Ethically and morally, we all should have a choice. Our choice — being fluoridated or not. Putting it in the water removes that choice.

Safe water is for everyone.

Remember ethical, moral and fiscal responsibility is why we elect a government. We don’t elect them to be our health-care practitioners.

Coreen Evans

Red Deer

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