Great progress in city

This summer I have been feeling particularly pleased with the City of Red Deer.

This summer I have been feeling particularly pleased with the City of Red Deer.

I have noticed many ongoing improvements throughout our city that I feel very proud of. The renovations to the downtown area look fantastic and contribute to a delightful, warm, welcoming community feel. The Wednesday farmers’ market in that area is a fantastic idea.

Our parks system is looking amazing. The landscaping is absolutely beautiful, from the well thought out and maintained flower beds to the abundant flower pots. There are many beautiful upgrades to parks throughout the city, such as the gazebo at Bower Ponds, newer playground equipment here and there and upgraded picnic shelters, to name a few.

The exercise equipment in the parks is a brilliant idea and I hope people will be taking advantage of them as are the new bike lanes on our streets.

Some of the newer parks such as the Wetlands park in the Clearview area are being very well used and are getting better every year as they mature.

Creativity and foresight are paying off.

Of particular note I would like to draw people’s attention to the delightful little garden on 33rd Street in Mountview. Residents of that area took a small nondescript green space in the middle of the close and turned it in to an abundant communal garden. It looks wonderful and is yielding a good little crop. I admire the city for allowing the creative residents to take this initiative that just makes perfect sense. What a terrific idea!

In addition to the physical improvements to our city, there are so many outstanding community and cultural activities taking place in Red Deer. I was amazed at the abundant choice of opportunities that are available to us in the city’s Community Services Activity & Program Guide that came out recently. A great effort has been made to provide a variety of activities that address the diverse needs of all of the citizens of Red Deer.

Red Deer is a happening city and I hope we continue this momentum of creativity and initiative.

Well Done Red Deer!

Nikki Sebesten

Proud Red Deer Citizen