Home front – Dec. 17


The community of Red Deer is invited to meet some of central Alberta’s newest residents today. The Central Alberta African Centre’s year-end Newcomers and Volunteers’ Appreciation Event is happening that night at Cronquist House in Red Deer. The evening will feature African food and music, and an opportunity to welcome some new members into the community. This free event begins at 5 p.m. For more information, call the African Centre at 403-986-7308 or visit caac1.ca.

A story in the Advocate on Wednesday may have included some misleading information. Red Deer County proposes to protect 27 sites deemed environmentally significant. The county issued a statement to clarify the proposal’s details: “Environmentally significant areas (ESAs) policies will not dictate how producers will farm or ranch their land. The areas described in the ESA Inventory are vital to the long-term protection of land and water in the county. While respecting landowners as the primary stewards of the land, and recognizing that agriculture will continue to be the chief use in most ESAs, new and alternative uses of the land may be subject to additional environmental review before they can be approved.”

A story published on page A3 on Tuesday concerning a fire in Bower Place on Nov. 25 requires further clarification. The Alberta Building Code has always called for at least one window as a means of escape from a bedroom. In 1985, the code was changed to state that the window would need to be of a type that can be opened.

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