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Just spend it

Re: “Private health insurance coverage needs a review” by John Have and Robert Brown, September 16, 2016.

Re: “Private health insurance coverage needs a review” by John Have and Robert Brown, September 16, 2016.

I’ve decided to kill several rocks with one bird.

First off, I do support the idea that the federal government should institute a national drug program for all Canadians, and I also believe that my Alberta Health Care coverage should protect me when I am visiting another province. Why do I have to purchase travel medical insurance to visit my own country?

However, their notion of bringing in private health insurance is just a smoke screen for bringing in private health care through the back door.

Such advocates always forget the high cost of health care in America in comparison to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and western European countries that offer universal health care to its citizens.

Secondly, why are the Liberals reneging on their promise to scuttle the F-35 program? Have they been bought like the Conservatives?

Thirdly, what has the Canadian government done with the Panama Papers Scandal? Remember the Liberal promises to go after dead beat millionaires and billionaires who have been hiding their money in overseas tax havens. Not much, eh?

What about the promises to rescind the $15-billion military contract with the Saudis? So much for campaign promises, and so much about principles, eh? Business interests are more important than human rights.

Lastly: When will our government and our banks stop encouraging us to go into debt by providing us with low interest rates on loans?

We live in a society where people are encouraged to obtain immediate material satisfaction. Forget about saving for a rainy day. Live like a grass hopper, not like an ant. Live today like millionaires: Own a big house; own two or more vehicles; plus, buy lots of toys like boats, RVs, bikes, etc. And, take numerous vacations per year. Just charge it! “You deserve it.”

George E. Thatcher, Trochu