Meeting people gets harder over time, for some

I’m in my late teens and still single. It’s not easy to meet people. Does meeting people get easier as time goes on? Hoping the answer is yes.



Question: I’m in my late teens and still single. It’s not easy to meet people. Does meeting people get easier as time goes on? Hoping the answer is yes.

Answer: It can get harder. Here’s why: People tend to meet one of three ways. They meet in rooms (at school, work, church, social organizations, etc.).

They meet in rooms with alcohol (bars, parties, weddings, reunions, etc.). They meet when they least expect it (on planes, trains, standing in line, through friends, etc.).

As you get older, it can get harder to meet people because you aren’t in as many rooms with as many people. Also, a lot of single people tend to get bitter or jaded as time goes on. So, if you are having a hard time now, it might get harder. That said, you can dramatically change this.

YOU can make a conscious effort to put yourself in more rooms with more people and talk to people in these rooms. You can be positive, interesting and available.

You can look for people online, through friends and during your daily routine. To do this, you must be comfortable with rejection (accept that thousands of people will want you; millions will not). And you need to know you’re hot enough, good enough and interesting enough at all times (if you don’t feel it, work on it). Once you embrace rejection and know you’re good enough, it becomes much easier to approach people, talk to them and date them.

Question: found a job that I’m interested in and its at the high school I graduated from. When I graduated I did want to go back there and work someday since I really enjoyed high school.

I’m just afraid that if I go back to work there that some teachers will think I’m a student (I’m tiny and I don’t look my age). Maybe I’m thinking too much about it, but I just wanted to get some other peoples opinions on it. Should I go for the job, or should I just find another opportunity? Thanks!

Answer: Carry a hall pass at all times, never run in the halls, have your mom call the attendance office if you miss class and only eat lunch in the teacher’s lounge with proper ID (don’t want to get thrown out or a detention). Annoyed by me?

Then don’t apply for this job. If this makes you smile, go for it. Accept that people will comment on your age. Before applying for this job, believe that you deserve it. If anyone who knows this school and understands what it’s like to be a student there, it’s you.

Better to be young at a familiar school than a new different school. When you interview for the job and the principal says, “But you look so young,” respond with, “Thank you so much!” In 30 years, you won’t look so young. Then talk about how your youth will be an asset and how your love for your old school is a testament to the pride you will take in making it even better. Embrace your youth.

As for anyone who makes comments or thinks you look young, they’re just jealous. In 30 years, you’ll be jealous of the young-looking ones, too.

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