A gold star for Stewart?

Regarding the article on July 27 by John Stewart (Time to ground dangerous air shows), if Stewart feels that attending an air show is a danger to him, he should not attend. I, and thousands of others will attend. There is higher personal peril in driving on our highways with all the drunk and distracted drivers on the roadways.

Local man an unlikely finalist in a unusual game

Red Deer’s Mike Shea was an unlikely finalist in what could be the world’s most unusual game. On the August long weekend, Shea was tossing horse ankle bones at other horse ankle bones while going for the bunnock championship in Macklin, Sask. Lured by the legendary camaraderie of bunnock players and the promise “if you can throw a rock you can play,” Shea had been coming to Macklin to try his hand at a game (described as a cross between bowling and horseshoes) for the last decade.

Looking out for the birds

Hundreds of migratory birds could be killed or injured if AltaLink crosses a small lake north of Innisfail with new transmission lines, some area naturalists say. “It’s such a travesty for this to happen… The lake is a place for birds,” not power lines, said Bernice Stewart, a birdwatcher who visits the spring-fed pond, known locally as Cook Lake, almost daily.

Anti-racism and counter protesters rally in Red Deer
Hittel, Suerink rappel down Stantec building
Doctor who died Monday in Red Deer knew the attacker: RCMP
Fans support Rebels

Stats about crime can not be looked at in a vacuum

According to this local newspaper, the Red Deer Advocate, our fine city has some serious crime issues, compared to the other major cities in Alberta. Following are sections of the published article: “Red Deer’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) is higher than Alberta’s other four major cities, recently released Statistics Canada information reveals.”

Careful about being quick to judge someone

Disgruntled gentleman in the grocery store parking lot: I wanted to apologize for using the handicap stall at the grocery store. I have a proper handicap placard, and I’ve been to the appropriate doctors to obtain my legitimate handicap designation. It was obvious that you disapproved of my using the stall. What a wonderful ego boost for me! That means that all my years of walking and exercising have paid off.

Experience Red Deer through more than just a game

I came across a rather unusual sight last week as I wandered past City Hall Park on my way to catch the bus. It was about 8 p.m., normally a quiet time for the downtown area as shops have closed, and people are at home enjoying post-dinner activities.

New Ukrainian Orthodox Church opens

Ukrainian Orthodox Church members from across Alberta were in Red Deer on Sunday to celebrate the opening of a new place of worship. St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the first orthodox church built from the ground up in Red Deer and the first Ukrainian Orthodox Church to be built anywhere in Alberta in about 50 years, said Morris Brese, St. Nicholas parish council president.

Centrefest a big hit

Montreal-based Flip bounced their way into the hearts of appreciative crowds at the weekend’s Centrefest. “I loved it. I really liked the flips,” said 10-year-old Mersades McKay of the family-based trampoline act that was just one of half a dozen marquee Circle Show performers to entertain over the two-day event." “I really liked the flips too,” chimed in younger brother Kolton McKay. Both siblings were particularly impressed by the trampolinists’ grand finale featuring three of the performers bouncing and somersaulting in unison.

Giant sculptures stir interest as tourist attraction

It’s kind of a good-news-bad-news scenario for Central Alberta sculpture park investor Morton Burke.

Thurston rides to Stampede repeat

For someone who just turned 22, Zeke Thurston has loads of confidence. Thurston, of Big Valley, defended his title in the saddle-bronc finals at the Calgary Stampede rodeo on Sunday. “I expect to win every time I get on,” said Thurston, who celebrated his birthday on Friday. “That’s kind of the mentality I have. Whether it goes that way or not is just kind of depending. I try hard and put it all on the table.”

Rocky students honour environment with flag design

A flag designed by two Rocky Mountain House students could become part of Alberta history.

Naloxone: More than 100 overdoses reversed in past year

Turning Point has been saving lives with take-home naloxone kits for just over one year with 130 known opioid overdoses reversed.

Losing local history

Mark your calendars, the destruction of a ‘heritage’ plot of land formerly known as the Bower Natural Area, has begun. In early July, the transformation began of a plot of land farmed for over 100 years into another, unnecessary retail heaven. I drove by for days, watching new power poles being installed as the old sand hill was removed.

Pet adoptions too costly

My relatives adopted a puppy from the local shelter on the weekend. The total cost was $400 which includes spaying, shots, and microchip. In the paper this morning, an article about a shelter in Helena, Mont. — not even eight hours from here in the States — says adoption is typically $120 with all of the above included. No wonder so many wonderful dogs and cats are being put down here. How can anyone adopt a pet at that price? Even at the difference in the dollar, it just doesn’t add up. And who’s paying the price? Poor helpless animals. Wake up in Canada and smell the coffee! Please! And yes, I’m not naive of the the cost of taking care of pets. I have a diabetic cat, two and a half years, and yes I have had two lumps (almost cancerous) removed from the other cat. I even had to remove teeth from diabetic cat, so I know very well the cost — all on a senior’s budget.

  • Jul 15, 2016

Red Deer MLA off mark on minimum wage benefits

The original letter I wrote in reply to Barb Miller’s letter in the Red Deer Advocate, July 8, 2016 was too lengthy to be published so I’ve condensed. It should be noted, proper source information was given, but has been omitted here in the interest of brevity.

Carbon tax domino effect

In a few months, the NDP will introduce a carbon tax on all forms of energy consumed within our province. The premise, is to improve the image of the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry, gaining approval for new pipelines, desperately needed by that oil and gas industry and the people employed by it.

Gassing an innocent child?

This week I found out that there have already been twice as many child fatalities in the U.S. due to being trapped in a hot car then there were at this time last year. Currently there have been 13 hot car child deaths; this doesn’t count the number of pets that have died.

Reilly throws for 465 yards and two TDs, Eskimos come back to beat Bombers 20-16

WINNIPEG -- The Edmonton Eskimos came from behind Thursday to beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 20-16 and extend their winning streak against their CFL prairie rival. It was a night filled with penalties and coaches' challenges. The first half saw two touchdowns called back, one for each team. Edmonton took eight penalties for 70 yards and Winnipeg six for 60 in the first half alone.

Taliyah Marsman found dead

Hopes of finding a missing five-year-old girl alive vanished Thursday after searchers combing through a rural property found a body believed to be that of Taliyah Leigh Marsman.

Bombers need rare win over Eskimos

WINNIPEG — Cornerback Maurice Leggett has done a lot in two-plus seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but beating the Edmonton Eskimos isn’t on the list.