Pink dye in river today non-toxic

Just call it the Pink Deer River.

Just call it the Pink Deer River.

City officials say water downstream of the downtown water treatment plant might take on a pinkish hue this afternoon on account of a dye being released into the river.

The operation is being undertaken to study the treatment plant’s residuals discharges.

A city release says the study is necessary as part of the process towards getting a new residuals management facility for Red Deer in the near future. The work is being done in conjunction with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

The dye being released is non-toxic and will not affect drinking water or the aquatic environment of the river.

“Water treatment plants typically release residuals as part of the process for removing sediment from source water and improving it to provide clean drinking water,” reads the city release.

The study is being conducted between 1 and 4 p.m. this afternoon.