Psychiatry is bankrupt: crime versus psychotic acts

Luka Rocco Magnotta remained impassive as one of the jurors in Quebec uttered the word “Guilty.” Crown prosecutor Louis Bouthillier stated “we had good evidence of premeditation and the fact that the crime was planned and deliberate.”

Luka Rocco Magnotta remained impassive as one of the jurors in Quebec uttered the word “Guilty.” Crown prosecutor Louis Bouthillier stated “we had good evidence of premeditation and the fact that the crime was planned and deliberate.”

Magnotta was seeking to be found not criminally responsible for killing Lin Jun by way of mental disorder. One expert was even testifying that Magnotta was in a psychotic state of mind the night of the killing and couldn’t tell right from wrong really.

We also heard about Magnotta’s upbringing, and that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2001. But does that mean a free ticket to kill somebody?

Then to top it off, it took 40 days of testimony and deliberation to come to the conclusion that he was responsible for his crime. I could have told them that in 40 minutes.

Magnotta was and never has been a schizophrenic. He knew from the beginning to the end what he was doing. Magnotta is and was a first-class manipulator just like the rest of the scum bags.

I believe he is a “histrionic,” but a schizophrenic? Not even close.

Canadian psychiatrist Joel Paris puts it this way: Psychiatry shouldn’t be taken as the gospel. He calls it “Psychiatry in Crisis.”

In medicine, we went beyond signs and symptoms 70 years ago. We had X-rays, blood tests, blood transfusions, stool and urine samples to better understand the functioning of the body. But we are nowhere near that with the brain.

We must be better educated and not be fooled by psychiatric systems, which are out of control. Psychiatry is out of control, broke, bankrupt and in a crisis.

In the early 1970s, psychologist David Rosenhan set out to answer a simple question: Can a psychiatrist tell the sane from the insane?

He and seven others went to 12 hospitals in the United States. While visiting pseudo’s patients, they were told that they stopped mimicking symptoms of abnormality and behaved as they normally would, except for one.

Psychotherapist Gary Greenberg is very blunt in his approach — he says psychiatric diagnosis is fiction sold the public as fact. A Canadian psychiatrist stated that no one really knows what a mental disorder is or how to clearly separate normal from abnormal. It’s all very fuzzy. So the question remains: Is psychiatry credible? You be the judge.

Psychiatric diagnoses are based entirely on signs and symptoms. In medicine, we went beyond signs and symptoms 100 years ago. The bottom line is it’s easy to make patients out of people who are basically normal.

Remember the guy who beheaded that young man who rode the bus to Toronto to visit his mom? The person who committed this crime was OK before and after, but not at the moment he did it. Really?

Then we have the doctor who stabbed his two children to death. He was also OK before and after, but not at the moment of the killing.

The psychiatrist who came to this conclusion must be insane himself.

Now two and a half years later, the doctor is OK, his schizophrenia is in remission. And the psychos can do whatever they want. Really?

Now let me explain to you the difference between schizophrenia and histrionic personality disorder. HPD is an excessive emotionally, attention-seeking behaviour. Individuals with HPD are uncomfortable or feel unappreciated when they are not the centre of attention and when they aren’t, they may do something dramatic — make up stories, create a scene — just to draw the focus of attention to themselves. This need is often apparent in their behaviour (like Magnotta).

They are overly concerned with impressing others. They fish for compliments and are easily and excessively upset by a critical comment. They become reckless, seductive, and manipulative. They are even willing to kill to get the excitement they are longing for.

It doesn’t matter anymore under which category Magnotta belongs, but one thing is sure: Justice has been done, thank God.

Hank Meyer

PhD, Psychotherapy

Red Deer

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