Seniors to house students

Seniors are showing interest in rooming with college students.

Seniors are showing interest in rooming with college students.

Seven seniors are in midst of filling out applications to rent out a room to a college student in exchange for help around the home as part of the Home Share program.

Now they must wait for the college students to submit applications before opening their doors.

The Home Share project is one element of the federally-funded Central Alberta Generations Project devoted to calling attention to and preventing elder abuse.

Next week, the Home Share applications and criteria will be posted on Family Services of Central Alberta’s website (www.fsca) and the Students’ Association of Red Deer College’s housing registry (, Golden Circle Senior’s Resource Centre ( ) and can be obtained by contacting FSCA.

Donna Morey, Generations Project co-ordinator, said seniors will be matched this semester and throughout the school year.

She said the project will gain steam with the start of the school year around the corner and as the predicted housing crunch unfolds.

She said it is not about rushing the matching but ensuring there are good matches putting the right people together.

“We are hoping this will be an alternative for the students,” said Morey.

“We want the youth to gain a better understanding of the aging process and be able to provide the seniors with an opportunity to learn about some of those risk factors and things will raise awareness for our youth.”

This month, Morey will spend a day at the Golden Circle Senior’s Resource Centre to talk to seniors about the initiative.

Both seniors and students must attend workshops about preventing elder abuse and other related topics as part of the project.

For more information, contact Morey at 403-348-6547.