Thanks for series on fight to end homelessness

Congratulations to Crystal Rhyno and John Stewart.

Congratulations to Crystal Rhyno and John Stewart.

Your sensitive and timely reporting of the tragedies and resilience of homeless people, of the commitment and strength of grassroots’ workers, of crowded shelters and housing initiatives, and of the community’s involvement in this most serious problem is a work well done.

I would have liked to have read some comment of government policy, which favours the market and private landlords over affordable and public housing.

In line with the prejudices of the English Poor Laws, the poor are still blamed for being poor.

The homeless have human faces with cruel histories and deep scars.

Homeless and homelessness are social, economic and political concerns.

The City of Red Deer’s initiatives in trying to end homelessness are likely to influence social policy across Canada.

Sharyn Greshner

Rocky Mountain House