The Plasco fiasco: a reply to Bob Mills

Reading your letter has me wondering about a few things:

Reading your letter has me wondering about a few things:

• We were not building it, they were!

• Is there a video for the process even if only garbage going in one end and gas and electricity coming out the other end (so as not to give away the design secrets)?

• The test plant was not operational when our delegates visited as I was told.

• If tipping fees are already up so much, I doubt they would be able to honour a 20-year contract anyway.

• If this is a proven winner in waste reduction, it should have been done somewhere by now.

• The city was probably very skeptical as a I am and not willing to commit the future of its garbage on an unknown or at least unproven system and yet has to commit to the cost of operation for 20 years before it can be built.

• And what training would the college have had to provide for this private venture?

• If this better mouse trap would have just had a mouse in it, maybe we could have been more committed.

• So in the end, if someone else beats us to the front of the “Look at us go” line, so be it, and the whole world will benefit from this new technology and the sooner the better.

• I will gladly embrace this when it is proven at whatever the cost and if it takes 10 to 15 years to see whether or not remains to be seen.

Thanks for your hard work, Bob, especially in China.

Doug Beagle