Traffic flow now completely disrupted

Bike lanes. Nothing short of a joke.

Bike lanes. Nothing short of a joke.

Check out the changes on 40th Avenue approaching 39th Street at Eastview School. Four lanes now down to two, one north and one south. No safe entrance into Eastview School from either direction.

Ah, but they have a left turn lane from 40th Avenue to 44th Street and also to 46th Street. Now that is really great for the one car turning left per hour, should really keep the traffic moving.

Thirty-ninth Street is much the same: four lanes down to two, one in each direction and a sure mess at the schools on 39th Street.

Next I can see the bikes getting a lane from 39th Street south through 32nd Street and on out to 19th Streets.

Yikes, what then? Ross Street, Gaetz Avenue, 49th Avenue, the list will go on and on.

Have our city council and city planners totally lost all perception on how traffic flows in this city?

I have always believed that our roads were built with the objective to move all vehicles in a safe and efficient manner.

You have not improved safety for bikes or vehicles, but you sure have butchered any movement of efficient traffic flow.

The bike lanes are a disaster now, what are they going to be like when school starts and then winter comes? This includes all the bike lanes, not just those mentioned above.

Perhaps our mayor, councillors, planers, etc. should take a drive and find out for themselves what a mess they are creating.

Just out of curiosity what is the ratio of bikes to vehicles on our roads, one bike to 1,000 vehicles? Come on vehicle owners, speak up!

Patrick Hare

Red Deer