West in for four rough years with Trudeau government

Congratulations to the new Trudeau Liberal Government.

Congratulations to the new Trudeau Liberal Government.

The purchase of the left wing media (CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, etc.) by the Liberal party has certainly paid off. The Far East, Middle East, and the Left Coast have spoken and we will now be on our way to higher taxes, multi-billion dollar deficits, and four years of uncertainty and surprises. The glee and delight from the main stream media commentators could not be contained as they announced the Liberal wins, starting on the east coast.

In the last Trudeau government, the only thing the West received was the NEP and the middle finger. This Trudeau government will no doubt give us a “modified NEP” and possibly two middle fingers, only this time it will be with the Alberta Government’s backing and blessing. The “takers” have won and the “payers” have lost on this day (the new electoral map indicates the results), but there will be another day.

The economies of the West will likely be diminished under this new government, however we can take solace in knowing that the billions of dollars of transfer payments ($6 Billion per year from Alberta alone) should be reduced or eliminated (unless the formulas are changed so that they still keep taking).

We know one thing will happen: the media will be reporting with Rose Coloured glasses, saying everything is great, unfortunately the real truth will not be told.

Wayne Saastad

Sylvan Lake