Nita Thorne, circa 1945 (Photo by Red Deer Archives)

DAWE: The importance of Nita Thorne

One outstanding individual from Red Deer, who was to attain national importance,…


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    Everybody should have a clubhouse – especially when you’re a young rabblerousing…


      Marlene Sveinson

      Jan 28th, 2023

      Ursula Hackenbeck

      Jan 26th, 2023

      Martin Touchette

      Jan 26th, 2023

      Aaron Zimmerman

      Jan 25th, 2023

      Lillian Klym

      Jan 24th, 2023

      Maxwell Cox

      Jan 20th, 2023

      Reader Poll

      The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction recently released Canada’s new Guidance on Alcohol and Health. In it, they suggested if you have two or less standard drinks per week, you are likely to avoid alcohol-related consequences. If you have more than seven standard drinks, your risk of heart disease or stroke increases significantly.

      Part of the report even goes as to indicate that it might be time to have warning labels on alcohol containers, similar to what is on tobacco products.

      Which leads to our poll. Let us know your thoughts!