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Can’t a person negotiate prices?

I have been a resident of Red Deer for quite a while now.My family enjoys living and working here.

I have been a resident of Red Deer for quite a while now.

My family enjoys living and working here.

The citizens of Red Deer are friendly and the community gives off that small-town relaxed feeling.

Regrettably, I experienced a rather unfortunate incident on Saturday, May 2.

I went on a garage sale in Inglewood.

As is the custom with garage sales, I began bargaining for prices.

Midway into my bargaining with the owner, a woman, she suddenly changed her mood and apparently became angry with me.

I asked what the matter was. She did not explain but told me, “Go away!”

Embarrassed and humiliated, I retreated to my vehicle.

After a few minutes of trying to compose myself, I was still shaking and wanted to know what happened to an otherwise perfectly ordinary transaction. So I went back to her and calmly told her I did not appreciate what she did.

I also asked if she could please tell me what I did wrong because I really felt blatantly disrespected. Her only response was to again yell, “Go away” and shove me.

I have heard of similar stories from other immigrants being turned away by some homeowners that hold garage sales.

If they intend to have fixed prices on the second-hand and used items up for sale, then they should not advertise their event as a garage sale.

After all, we immigrants only pick up the trade of bargaining when garage sale hunting because that is what our previous and pleasant experiences taught us. If a homeowner feels offended by a low offer, there is a gentle, kind way of declining it.

Being belligerent, rude and resorting to what could be described as a minor physical assault speaks volumes that could transcend into the unavoidable great divide of racial colours.

I cannot help but feel discriminated against, given the way I was treated.

I hope no one goes through what I did.

Being yelled at, shoved and treated like you are stupid is not nice at all.

Ellezer Loma-ang

Red Deer