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4 tips to start enjoying exercise and make it part of your life

Changing how you view exercise is a key component of how much you enjoy it!
You have a variety of ways to build fitness into your life, and make it fun, says Trisha Fuller, from Hypnosis for Health.

Changing how you view exercise is a key component of how much you enjoy it!

#1. Exercise is just like hygiene! It’s the same as brushing your teeth or having a shower – it’s not a question of whether you’re doing it, it’s just a question of when, explains Red Deer’s Trisha Fuller, from Hypnosis for Health and Happiness. Without brushing, your teeth rot. The same happens when you fail to exercise – the body breaks down and eventually it’s stuck in a wheelchair or bed-ridden.

#2. Gold Star Success Strategy! I used to hate exercising…still not fond of sweating…but as childish as this sounds, I mark every time I exercise on an actual visual calendar (like a gold star everyday, I fill in the day with exercises I’ve done). It sits on the wall above my coffee maker so I see it everyday. If I miss a day I can make it up, and now it’s 10+ years now of exercising “for everyday” of the year. Sometimes it’s walking in my PJs, sometimes it’s aerobic, like riding a stationary bike while watching a movie, and sometimes it’s yoga while watching a show.

Do be patient – all habits take practice. This habit has taken years to develop. I was the kid who used to cry when I sweated, and now I can’t be without it. When working with clients, they seem to like the flexibility of this option.

#3. Exercise has to fill two needs to make it permanent. It either needs to be a form of fun and adventure, or serve as a way to relax.

This could be anything that floats your boat. Listen to an audio book as you walk, and only continue listening if you’re walking. Maybe using a hula hoop or doing yoga while watching your favourite show, jumping on a rebounder or a trampoline, or skipping…when was the last time you did that?! Listen to great music, of course … maybe you’d just like to dance crazy for 20 minutes with your kids. Whatever you do, make exercise the most fun part of your day!

#4. Incorporate exercise into your day so it doesn’t take time away from you. This is especially important for those who find it challenging to get 30 to 60 minutes of exercise consecutively. For example, have a seven-minute workout routine that strengthens your body while you’re doing other activities.

It could look like this:

  • 1 minute of squats while brushing your teeth
  • 1 minute of wall push-ups while waiting for coffee
  • 2 minutes of high knees before getting dressed
  • 2 minutes of stairs while making a quick phone call
  • 1 minute of lunges while waiting for supper to cook

If you add five minutes of walking right before you enter work, 15 minutes at lunch and another 5 minutes after work you’re already over 30 minutes of purposeful physical activity.

Does your job require you to make a lot of calls? Is it possible to move while you’re talking, even if it’s up and down a hallway? What if you got your exercise in while you were working!

And for those who have the privilege of watching your children do sports, if they’re warming up, you can warm up too! Grab another parent and take some laps … when warm-up is done, you can sit down and enjoy the game knowing that you’ve taken care of yourself and you’re supporting them.

Make your exercise fun, relaxing or a part of your world…and GO GET MOVING!

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